Antenatal Course Content

  • Familiarisation of your chosen hospital
  • General body changes in pregnancy
  • Common problems in early pregnancy
  • Antenatal clinic visits
  • Delivery/birth plan
  • When to go to hospital/ Your hospital bag
  • Pain relief in labour
  • The birth
  • Partner's role in labour
  • The birth process/postions
  • Medical aspects, i.e. Induction/Assisted instrumental delivery/Caesarean section
  • Fetal distress
  • Role of the public health nurse
  • Infant feeding/ breast/ bottle/ expressing
  • Infant care/ cord care/ bathing/ top and tail
  • Safety of new born/ baby positioning/ equipment/ bedding
  • Common baby ailments in the new born
  • Going home/ early days at home/ new family

Guest Speakers

  • Baby equipment/ car seats/ safety
  • Baby massage and the benefits
  • Yoga/ breathing and relaxation/ exercise and the benefits

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