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What or how to design the best website?

The best web design is a website that converts. It doesn't need to be the prettiest website. Users visiting a website will convert if the layout is simple to navigate. Then, when the user is ready to convert, there must be a "Contact Us" button for the user to click, or a "Buy Now" button for an Online Shop.

So, what makes the best website design?

The look or feel? A pretty website? Wrong. These are desirable features. But they miss one simple ingredient. The number 1 most important aspect of your website is that it sells. This is what makes the best websites. A website that converts your visitors into buyers. If you have an online shop, you want them to click “Buy Now” and buy (though PayPal or Stripe). If you are a consultant, or offer a service or advice, that they click the “Contact Us” button. Converting users has become increasingly difficult with the rise of mobile as you have less space and time to convert your users. So be smart about your website layout.

How do you get a website visitor to buy?

Outline clearly what you do on your website, your experience, reviews, testimonials, prices, etc. If you have a review from Rory McIlroy, naturally, put this on top of the list.

If your work involves images or pictures, let’s say you’re a painter, a gallery is an easy way to show off your previous work.

How to generate more sales

Since it is now easy to navigate your website, users will browse through your different pages. Let’s say each visitor spends 1 minute on the website; 10 minutes in total. Google sees this and increases your rank, increasing the number of visitors to your website. If your website is not easy to navigate, the initial 10 people won’t stay as long. Instead, let’s say they each only spends 5 seconds on your website; 50 seconds in total. 50 seconds will not get you as high on Google as 10 minutes.

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