Google AdWords is a great way to target new customers and audiences

However, there can also be no faster way to drain your advertising budget if you are unaware of a few simple but effective settings. I hope that you find this information useful.

Negative Keywords

E.g. Job, Jobs, Free, DIY. If you're a Web Designer, you don't want to pay google for someone who types in "Free Web Design" to visit your website.

Search Partners or Display Network

Do you want to pay to show up when someone is browsing the net (not looking for your services) and they come across your ad? Do you want to show up in a YouTube search? (Someone looking to watch a video, not looking to buy) If not, don't tick these boxes. They will drain your funds. Someone on YouTube, is looking for a video, not a web designer. Someone browsing the net, not actively typing into Google, is not buying immediately.

Broad match Vs Phrases Match

"Web Designer Dublin" means the search term must have Web Designer Dublin, e.g. Web Designer in Dublin or Dublin Based Web Designer.
Web Designer Dublin, without the parenthesis, means the search could be "How can i become a Web Designer in Dublin". We find a phrase match, using + symbols is best.
Set Up Conversions

Set up a conversion. If you are a shop, when someone buys and if you are a services website, that generates leads. When someone successfully contacts you. You can then see which key phrases have the best conversion rates. Increase your bids for these key phrases.
Manual or Automatic Bidding Options

  • Option 1 is to set to manual. Start off low and gradually increase the amount you wish to pay.
  • Option 2 is to set for conversions. Such as when someone buys, or when someone contacts you. Google decides which clicks will convert. Make sure to always set a max bid limit.
  • We recommend manual bidding. Google doesn't always get it right.

Google Keyword Planner

Use the planner to decide on which keywords are actively searched and how competitive they are. E.g. If 10 people search for Web Design Dublin and only 1 person searches for Web Design Ireland, your website title should be Web Design Dublin. Equally if 10 people search for "Web Design Dublin" whilst 10 search for "Web Development Dublin", but "Web Design Dublin" is cheaper, then go with "Web Design Dublin"

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