Help! My Website is out of date

If your website was designed a few years ago, it’s probably not mobile friendly or responsive to smartphones or tablets. More than 2 out of 3 people visit a Website using their smart phone. Perhaps you have a static website that looks great, but won’t allow you to add in any pictures, news articles or recent projects. 

In most cases it will cost less to start from scratch and install a completely new mobile friendly website. If you like the style and layout of your website, we can reuse your old web design theme.

Why not just upgrade my existing website?

We need to go into the back end and check all the files. There could be 1 file or there could 1,000 files. This can take a lot of time. Your website may be using software that has snice been depleted or is not used any more, in which case, even if you upgrade your website, at some point in the future, you will need to change to a new system.

How to check if your website requires a makeover?

  1.      Check that your website is responsive on a smartphone such as a Samsung or an iPhone.
  2.      Scroll to the footer (bottom) of your website and look for the year the website was developed. In general, its good practice to leave a year out. Your website might be a year old but that doesn’t mean it’s out of date. Stating on your website that it was designed last year puts people off buying from you.
  3.      When was the last time someone uploaded some pictures or a news article?

But I don’t want to see my old website going to waste!

If your website was designed 5 years ago, then you have gotten 5 years out of it. Move on and look forward to getting your new website designed!

We can have a website developed and ready to go within 2 - 4 weeks. However, it takes a lot longer to delve through lines and lines of old code. So take it from a Professional Web Designer, in general it's more cost effective for both a Web Designer and the client to start from scratch!

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