Choosing The Right Web Design Agency in Ireland

Is critical to the success of your business. Launching a new business in Ireland today can be a costly task. Our Web Design Agency was once a start-up too and we want to work with you every step of the way.

That's why Websites 4u gives a discount to businesses in Ireland not registered for VAT. Websites 4u will pay your VAT bill if you are not registered.

How does the VAT Guarantee work?

If we charge you €1,000 + 23% VAT for a Website Design, you would normally pay us €1,230 - Even if your company is not registered for VAT in Ireland. If your company is registered for VAT, you can claim the €230 VAT back. However, if you're not VAT registered, you can't claim the VAT back.

So if you're not VAT registered, we'll still only charge you €1,000 for your new Web Design. This objective of this initiative is to help SME'S, micro businesses and Sole Traders operating in Ireland grow their online sales in Ireland and abroad.

Who should register for VAT in Ireland?

You can volunteer do so, in which case you charge VAT (normally 23%) as well as claim VAT back on items you have purchased for your business - Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, Phone Bills, Electricity Bills, etc.

If you earn over €37,500 for the supply of services or €75,000 for the supply of goods, you must register for VAT.

For more info on registering for VAT in Ireland, visit The Irish Revenue website.

Did you know, we'll also beat any price by 10%?

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