The Web Design Process

How does the Website Development Process Work?

Let's say you have commissioned Websites 4u to develop or upgrade your new website. We take a very simple approach to complete your web design, on time and on budget.

Your Website Requirements

Do you wish to sell products (or services) online, either locally, here in Ireland or abroad - We recommend an Online Ecommerce Shop. If on the other hand you are a plumber, builder, electrician or similar vocation and you wish to showcase your previous work, services, testimonials and you want people to contact you through your website, either by phone, email or another method, then we recommend a Content Management System (CMS). With a CMS, you can upload new work, reviews, blogs, etc. We can help with this. Perhaps you just want a pages that you have no intention of changing anytime soon, you don't want to modify your website or you don't want to add new images or reviews from clients. You require a Standard Website Design - Such a website cannot be changed in the backend unless you understand HTML or have some coding experience.

We advise you on your Domain Name,

Company name, slogan, if you don't already have one or if you require some help in choosing one.
If you don't already have a logo, then we can include one at no extra charge. We decide on 2 / 3 primary colours for your website. Trust me, in this instance, less is more, you don't want 10 colours on your website. We'll, you do if you want people to quickly leave your website. Your website will be based around these primary colours.

Then we get content from you

Such as images, text or videos. Don't worry if you don't have content yet, we can help with. Our Web Design Checklist might help too!

Shortly after this, we come back to you with a 1st draft

Tell us what you like and more importantly, tell us what you don't like. We make changes and come back to you. When you are completely happy with your new website design, your website goes live.
We set up emails if required.

Congratulations! You are now the owner of a brand new website which you can be proud to show off to your customers, friends & family

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