22 Essential questions to ask before getting a Website Developed

22 Essential questions to ask before getting a Website Developed

How well do you know your company?

Answer these questions as best you can. Only then is your Website ready for development.

General Company Info

  1. Name, address, phone number, company registration number of business.
  2. Will you have your personal name on the site? Or better yet, a picture? Recommended for building trust and sales.
  3. What is your professional background?
  4. How long are you in business?
  5. Why are you in business?
  6. What Services do you offer?
  7. Member of any agencies? E.g. Chambers of Commerce, RECI, Construction Industry Federation.
  8. What experience do you have?
  9. What qualifications / standards you have that would be recognisable in your business?
  10. Any other relevant info?


  1. Why should I buy from you?
  2. Why should I not buy from your competitors?
  3. Who are your top 3 competitors?

Online Marketing & Promotions

  1. Do you offer gift cards? If so, what amounts?
  2. Do you offer any discounts i.e. 10% OFF or Buy one, get one free?
  3. Will you beat any quote? E.g. by 10%?
  4. Will you offer a commission if someone refers a friend? E.g. 20%?
  5. Will you be using Facebook / Twitter or other social media? Only use if you intend to update at least twice weekly.

Building Trust

  1. Do you give refunds (within a certain number of days)?
  2. Do you offer free estimates / quotations?
  3. Do you give any guarantee? If so, for how long?
  4. Do you have a price list for your website? Recommended to build trust.

Don't waffle. High quality content wins the race here. Place quality, over quantity and you won't go far wrong! Once you have this information, or as much of it as you can get, take a look at our simple Web Design Process here.

As a Web Development Agency here in Dublin, we understand you need to concentrate 100% on your business. Let us deal with your Online Internet Marketing & Promotions so that you can concentrate on your business!

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