1 Simple Tip To Generate More Sales in 2018

1 Simple Tip To Generate More Sales in 2018

Firstly, May I wishing you a Happy New Year, from my family to yours

Your prosperous & successful new year starts now

If a new visitor arrives on your website, you have a 3 - 5 seconds before they leave and visit your competitors website. So how do you keep them on your page that little bit longer and perhaps even convert them into a customer?

TRUST. The more a visitor trust you, the more they are willing to give you their business

How do you build trust? We'll, here are a few tips that will help.

  • Reviews. A review from 3 customers goes a long way. The bigger the better. A testimonial from Justin Bieber will generate a more sales than a testimonial from your next door neighbour.
  • Show your prices. If your prices vary, state that prices start from €100. Leaving out your price, means they will go with a competitor who does clearly show their prices.
  • Clearly show your contact information, address, address, email, etc. Would you buy from a website that you couldn’t contact if something went wrong?
  • Social Media links show that you are not shying away and that you are open and willing to be social.
  • Clearly state your policy... On returns, Warranties, Guarantees etc...
  • https:// (Also known as SSL). If your website is https://4u.ie rather than http://4u.ie , Google will rank you higher. Simples.
  • Online Chat Box. Websites with an online chat box have proven to increase sales by 30%.

Bonus Tip

Loyalty Points, Vouchers, Discount Codes, Refer a friend schemes, all help keep customers whilst generating new sales.

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      Oct 14, 2019

      I am also a seller but I don’t know how to deal and sale our products in the market in the very beginning of my career. Then I read papersowl reviews and took help from the website and took some experience from this website. Now I think I am good seller and dealer.

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