How competitive is your business sector? If you are a Web Designer in Ireland, Roofing Contractor in Dublin or property development, etc, then I would suggest you are in a highly competitive market. A competitive market means business is good. If business is good then your competitors will pay more for their keywords. Meaning you will pay more for your keywords.
Looking to run a better performing Adwords campaign?The focus of any good Google Adwords campaign should be on sales You want to reach buyers searching for products or services. People with intention to buy now or in the future. You don't want to pay to attract browsers or window shoppers to your website.
My Tips for a Top Website Fail to plan, plan to fail. Laying proper foundations can be the difference between a website, and a great website. Read simple tips before you start. This could save you a lot of time and headache!
You are paying a hefty price for this through, 1 - A discount of 50% or more, 2 - After this discount, a further 10% - 20% to Groupon. Below are some points to consider before running a Groupon deal Repeat business. Groupon brings something to the table.
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